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CTE Scholarship Opportunity 

2nd Web Design

Instructions for Dec 15th  All students must work on their “Semester One Final Project” grading rubric. This project and grading rubric are due at the end of the semester.

3rd and 6th Technology Discoveries

All students MUST complete these two worksheets while I’m away.

  1. Career Discovery Worksheet
    1. Use and the “match maker” assessment to find suggested careers.
  2. Career Research Worksheet
    1. Use and the “careers” section to find careers you are interested in.

All students MUST begin their Career Research Packet. Remember the “career” you choose for this packet is the one you will build your final project around. You can **not** change your career selection once you’ve submitted this packer.

4th and 5th Global IT Management

Instructions for Nov 16th and 29th  All students must work on the following.

Work on your Incubator Project while I’m away. The next showcase will require your team to demonstrate FOUR technical improvements. Remember, we need to see progress with your code, servers, games, sites, apps, bots, drones, etc…


I will be back on the 30th and I will ask each team to fill me in on their accomplishments for the time I was away.

The next Showcase presentation will begin on December 18th.

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