Sub Day

Sub Instructions for 10-19-18 through 10-26-18

Seating Charts

2nd Web Design

Instructions for Absence: Every student MUST complete their SandBox Setup project prior to my return on the 29th of October. No more class time will be provided to complete the SandBox Setup project project. Use the remaining class time to work on the Intro To JavaScript lessons on The JavaScript lessons will go into your grade when we return from Thanksgiving break. 


$data = file_get_contents(‘’);


  1. Flat Data File
  2. PC Version
  3. Mac Version

3rd, 5th, and 6th Technology Discoveries

Instructions for Absence: All students must work on Dream Vacation Research, Budget, and Presentation projects. If students work in teams they only need to create one set of rubrics and files. Students need to be prepared to deliver the Dream Vacation Presentation when I get back on the 29th of October. 


4th Global IT Management

Instructions for Absence: Please keep all students on task. Students will be working in small groups on the Incubator Project on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday (19th-23rd) . Please allow them to work together and move around the classroom. Cosme and Kyle will be teaching class on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (24th-26th). Please provide them access to the teacher workstation and projector. Allow them to teach class, but keep the class on task. 

  1. SnapShot Development Teams
  2. Showcase # 2 Rubric
  3. JSON File
  4. Cars Data JSON Test
    1. Cars Database Structure
  5. Incubator Teams 





IT and Web Students

Formula and Formatting Videos


Video Tutorials for SandBox