Sub Day

All Students

IT and Web Students

2nd Web Design

Thursday and Friday – Every team should have the website template 100% finished. I will review each team’s template on Monday. Make sure every template includes the following.

  • php includes for header, navigation, and footer.
  • All links in header and footer work.
  • Custom logo in header.
  • Generic social media links built into template (doesn’t have to link to actual social profiles).
  • Template should be responsive (collapse on mobile device).


3rd and 6th Technology Discoveries

Thursday and Friday – Every student should be working on their “Wage Tracker Project”. This project will be due on Monday. Review the updated videos below if you need help with project objectives while I’m away.

Formula and Formatting Videos




4th and 5th Global IT Management

Thursday and Friday – Incubator Days: Each team must submit Benchmarks #4 and work towards their new benchmarks. Benchmarks should focus on developing another functional feature that will be in the final version of your project. Each team must be able to demonstrate a new functional feature of their project in their showcase

All students must work on their team incubator project. Make sure your team has submits their “benchmarks” via this form.  There is NO FREE TIME today. Your team will be delivering a showcase presentation on March 30th  to inform the class of your progress and your challenges.

REMEMBER these benchmarks must focus on “displaying” progress to the class. Make sure your benchmarks demonstrate your ability to launch an app or game, navigate in your app or game, display content in your website, or other visual displays of progress.