Sub Day

Music Survey

2nd Web Design

All students must work on the following today.

  1. Make sure your “photo grid” page is working with NINE images.
  2. Make sure your “Sandbox Set Up” project is completed and turned in.
  3. Work on JavaScript lessons.
  4. Work on any other lesson if JavaScript is finished.

3rd and 6th Technology Discoveries

All students must work on the following today. NO VIDEO GAMES today.

  1. Build your two unique microReports for your data project.
  2. Build one chart based on your microReport
  3. Make sure you have all microReports working that we’ve worked on during class.
  4. EXTRA CREDIT, complete the HTML lesson by 16th of October and I will give you 100% extra credit on a project.

Sixth Period Tech Only

4th and 5th Global IT Management

Work on your Incubator Project today. The next showcase will require your team to demonstrate some technical progress on your project. Focus your time on developing SIX small technicals accomplishments your team can complete in the next month.

The 1st Showcase presentation will be on October 16th. Alexa Lessons



IT and Web Students

Formula and Formatting Videos


Video Tutorials for SandBox