Sub Day

Sub Instructions for 2-14-2019 through 2-19-2019

Amazon Internships in San Diego!!!

2nd Web Design

Instructions for Absence: Every student MUST work on their Retail Website Project. The project will be due on 2-25-2019. If you finish before that date, please find a JavaScript or PHP tutorial that you can integrate into your project. If you do, you will earn 10% extra credit.

  1. PROJECT: Individual Retail Website
    1. Sample JSON Data File
  2. Flat Data File
  3. PC Version
  4. Mac Version

3rd, 5th, and 6th Technology Discoveries

Instructions for Absence:   We were working on the Stock Portfolio Project when I left.  We are going to put that assignment on HOLD until I return.


All students must begin working on the Wage Tracker Project. Please make sure to view the example so you know what you are building AND start your project with the Starting Template Spreadsheet for the Wage Tracker. If you are finished, use this time to improve your grade in Tech Disc or other classes.

Sample Video FILE ONE | FILE TWO


4th Global IT Management

Instructions for Absence: Please keep all students on task. Students will be working in small groups on the Incubator Project (Thursday and Friday) and as a class on the SnapShot Project (Monday – Wednesday). Please allow them to work together and move around the classroom. Also remind them their presentations must be ready to go on Friday.

  1. SnapShot Global Project Plan
    1. SnapShot Development Teams
  2. Showcase # 2 Rubric
  3. JSON File
  4. Cars Data JSON Test
    1. Cars Database Structure
  5. Incubator Teams 





IT and Web Students

Formula and Formatting Videos


Video Tutorials for SandBox