First Day Instructions


Hello students and WELCOME to your 1st day with Mr. Benrud!


FIRST, I am not speaking with you today so please do not ask me questions. I am not being rude or lazy, but I am delivering a lesson designed to focus students on problem-solving, working with technical instructions, and peer communication. These skills are basic requirements of success in the “real-world”. Throughout your time with me you will learn a ton about technology, but all of that is WORTHLESS if you can’t solve problems, effectively communicate with others, understand technical instructions, and work as part of a team. 


SECOND, read this entire page. All activities listed on it will be included in your grade.  All parts of today’s assignment MUST be turned in by midnight tonight. No excuses you give me will matter and no make-ups or extra credit will be issued for these assignments.


THIRD, it is my opinion that traditional education is NOT preparing students for the future you will experience. The world no longer values the skills of, “Sit there, be quiet, don’t speak until spoken to, and only do exactly what you’re told to do”.  If you aspire to be a “whopper-flopper” or “ditch digger”, the skills mentioned above will serve you well. However, it is my goal to inspire you to aim much higher and to equip you with skills that allow you to work smarter so you can achieve your life’s lofty goals. 




Please understand things in my class will be done ‘ very differently’ than they are traditionally done in other classrooms. I do things differently because my goal is to prepare you for ‘your’ future, not the one adults were prepared for 10 or 20 years ago. In my class, you will be a proactive problem solver and learner. We (teacher and students) will learn together and work together to complete projects designed to simulate real-world problems. We will not spend hours a week reading in class, working on mindless worksheets, memorizing for tests, or sharing personal stories about our pets.  We will learn by building things, solving problems, and working with others.


FOURTH, You have a brain, you can solve problems, and you can communicate with others (just not me for today).  Think “Outside The Box” instead of using traditional school norms. Behave as a respectable member of society should and complete your work.


Locate your class in the list below, click on the link, and follow the instructions. Make sure you select the correct class. All tasks are due before midnight tonight.  All of them will be included in your grade. If you can not get online in the classroom today, please check the ethernet cable on the back of the computer to make sure it is plugged in. If you still can’t get it to connect. Tell me and I’ll fix it.