Sub Day

Sub Instructions for 8-28-18

Seating Charts

2nd Web Design

  1. Work with your classmates to make sure everyone has an image on their homepage.
    1. Video Tutorial
  2. Work on your eLearning lessons.
    1. Full Stack Developer Average Salary in San Diego, CA
      • The typical tenure for a Full Stack Developer is less than 1 year.
      • A Full-Stack Web Developer is someone who is able to work on both the front-end and back-end portions of an application

Instructions for Absence: Please keep all students on task. Every student must make sure they have an image file displayed on their homepage (index.html). Once that is done, they should use the rest of class time to work on their eLearning activities.


3rd, 5th, and 6th Technology Discoveries

Copy/Paste Formulas


All students must work on the “Flappy Bird” programming activity. Students must watch this video tutorial, follow the instructions, and build the game. ZERO will go in the grade book if students do not complete it by the end of the week. After “Flappy Bird”, students can use the rest of the class time to complete other school work.

  1. Build your ownFlappy Bird Game
    1. Flappy Bird Video Tutorial
    2. ZERO if not done by Friday.
  2. Use the rest of class time to do school work “if” Flappy Bird is done.

Instructions for Absence: Instructions will be **HERE** whenever I’m absent. 


4th Global IT Management

Mobile Test

  1. Incubator VOTE form.
  2. Incubator VOTE scores 
    1. Incubator Idea Form Submission
    2. Elevator Peer Evaluation Form
    3. Elevator Peer Evaluation Report

Instructions for Absence: Please keep all students on task. Students will be working on their eLearning activities. They may discuss issues in small groups. Please allow them to quietly talk amongst one another ‘if’ it is helping them with a technical issue or plan for the presentation.





IT and Web Students

Formula and Formatting Videos


Video Tutorials for SandBox