Sub Day

Sub Instructions for 10-11-18

Seating Charts

2nd Web Design

Instructions for Absence: Every student must work on their SandBox Setup project. Please remind them to add .php includes to their index file before cloning pages.

  1. PC Version
  2. Mac Version

3rd, 5th, and 6th Technology Discoveries

Instructions for Absence: All students must work on Data Project. Each student must have two unique micro reports and two charts. Do not turn in the project for grading, we will do it together on Friday. If they finish the Data Project, please remind them to work on other class work or school work. If they have an A or B and they are finished, they have some Quiet Free-Time.

4th Global IT Management

Instructions for Absence: Please keep all students on task. Students will be working in small groups on the Incubator Project. Please allow them to work together and move around the class.

  1. Showcase # 2 Rubric
  2. JSON File
  3. Cars Data JSON Test
    1. Cars Database Structure
  4. Incubator Teams 





IT and Web Students

Formula and Formatting Videos


Video Tutorials for SandBox