Technology Discovery Day 1

Day One Activity for Technology Discovery Classes

  • Log into your Gmail email account. I suggest you use your email account, but you can use your personal gmail if you wish.
    1. Your username and password for your gmail account.
      • Username Format:
        Password Format: FLMMDDYY (First Initial Last Initial 2 digit month 2 digit day 2 digit year)
      • EXAMPLE: For student 123456 named Bill Smith born on May 9th 2001
      • Username =   |  Password = BS050901
    2. OPTIONAL (you don’t need to do this one) If you don’t have a personal Gmail account **and** you want one, create one.
      1. Search Google for “how to sign up for gmail”
      2. Read and follow instructions.
      3. If you need more help, watch a youtube video on “how to sign up for Gmail“.


  • Complete Attendance Form
    • You will be marked absent if you don’t do this
    • You MUST use your email address for this.


  • Watch the broken escalator video.
      1. TO:
      2. SUBJECT: Period Number | Class Name | Your Name | 1st Day Activity
        1. EXAMPLE: 03 | Technology Discoveries | Todd Benrud | 1st Day Activity
        2. This example above would be for a 3rd period student named Todd Benrud. 
      3. BODY: create a numbered list with items 1-4 below. Enter your answer below each of the questions. Questions must be BOLD text, answer must be standard text (video tutorial).
        1. What did you think about the video?
        2. In a school setting, tell me who you think the man and woman stuck on the escalator represent and why.
        3. In a school setting, tell me who you think the repair man is and why.
      4. Minimum of 100 words in your email.
      5. Video Tutorial on “How to write this email”.
      6. EXTRA CREDIT: 1st 5 students get extra credit.Write me an email with the following information in it.



  • If you complete all of the above, quietly talk to the students around you. You need to get to know the other students because you will work with most of them throughout your time with me. They will help you and you will help them when I’m unavailable.


  • You are free to leave when the bell rings. Remember to place the headphones back on the computers.