Web Design 1st Day

Day One Activity for Web Design Classes

  • Log into your Gmail account. If you don’t have one, create one or log into your school account.
    1. Your username and password for your GUHSD.net gmail account.
      1. Your username and password for your GUHSD.net gmail account.
      2. Username Format: studentID#@guhsd.net  |  Password Format: FLMMDDYY (First Initial Last Initial 2 digit month 2 digit day 2 digit year)
      3. EXAMPLE: For student 123456 named Bill Smith born on May 9th 2001
      4. Username = 123456@gushd.net   |  Password = BS050901
    2. How to create a new Gmail account. – Video Tutorial


  • Complete Attendance Form
    • You will be marked absent if you don’t do this
    • You MUST use your GUHSD.net email address for this.


  • Watch the broken escalator video.
    1. Create an email to me (tbenrud@guhsd.net).
      1. Subject = Period Number | Class Name | Your Name | 1st Day Activity
      2. EXAMPLE: 03 | Technology Discoveries | Todd Benrud | 1st Day Activity
    2. Introduce yourself to me
      1. Minimum of 25 words in your introduction.
    3. Below your introduction write “Escalator Video Reflection”.
      1. Make it larger text and change the color.
    4. Create a numbered list.
      1. Tell me what you thought of the video.
      2. Tell me ‘who’ you think the man and woman represent in a school setting.
      3. Tell me ‘who’ you think the repairman represents a school setting.
      4. Minimum of 100 words in your reflection.
    5. Locate an image on the internet that makes you happy (must be school appropriate).
      1. Download it and rename it. Name must be yourName1stDayActiviety
      2. Attach the image to the email.
    6. Below your reflection write “My Photo”.
      1. Make it larger text and change the color.
      2. Tell me why you selected the photo.
      3. Minimum of 25 words .
    7. Send the email.



  • Log into your CodeCademy.com account or create a CodeCademy.com account.
    1. If you already have an account, delete all of your activities or create a new account for this class.
      1. In a new tab, research “how do you delete your codecademy account”.
      2. Delete all of your activity in your codecademy account.
      3. If needed, create a new account after your old one is deleted. I’d suggest linking it to your facebook or gmail accounts.
      4. I will verify your CodeCademy account is reset on Tuesday.



  • If you complete all of the above, quietly talk to the students around you. You need to get to know the other students because you will work with most of them throughout your time with me. They will help you and you will help them when I’m unavailable.


  • You are free to leave when the bell rings. Remember to place the headphones back on the computers.