GUHSD CTE Scholarship Opportunity

We have been presented with a wonderful opportunity for our CTE students, in the form of a scholarship. This will be the second year that this scholarship has been reserved for a CTE student in GUHSD. Last year a student from Grossmont High School was awarded the scholarship.
*  The requirements for the scholarship are:
– The student must be a GUHSD student in any of our CTE Pathways
– Granted based on community service — a written essay documenting community service provided to date
*  this could be anything from ASB to Key Club to volunteering at church/Boys & Girls Club/St. Madeline’s …?
– Scholarship to be used for education — the funds can be distributed to the individual(s), but s/he should indicate their educational need
* could be books, tuition, equipment required for the pathway, gas money to get to school…whatever keeps them in a pathway to a career
– Not academic- or need-based
– Applications due by December 1st, decision in January, presented in February at the Chamber’s Awards Dinner Gala
* Winner and family are invited as Waste Management’s guests
– Can be one scholarship for $1k or two for $500/each
There is a form for the scholarship attached. If you could pre-screen students based on community service involvement, and then forward the link to those students who are interested to apply.
Scholarship Form Link: Les Hart Memorial Scholarship